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We help companies scale around the world compliantly at speed.

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You want remote teams.
We make it happen.

We believe every business should be able to tap into the global talent pool without having to set up costly international subsidiaries. So, we created a platform that enables our customers to compliantly hire, onboard and manage their remote teams, anywhere.

Combining our on-the-ground infrastructure and cloud-based technology to manage local compliance, payroll and benefits, we deliver a simple and effective solution for employing global teams.

Vision led, values driven.
It works for us.

We have a vision to be the employer of choice for all cross-border remote workers. Driving this vision are our values:

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Break down barriers

We act to make opportunities equally accessible, so that those with skills and ambition are not held back. Merit should be rewarded equally across boundaries.

Do what's right icon

Do what’s right

No short cuts. No short wins. Just a solid commitment to do right by each other, and by each and every customer we serve. Because the best reputations are those that precede you.

Here today, here tomorrow icon

Here today, here tomorrow

Being an owner-managed business means we’re in it for the long term. We know our success depends on being accountable, responsible and performance obsessed.

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Show backbone

We choose the courageous route to success. Sometimes that means saying no and stepping away, while staying true to our pursuit of socially responsible success. When it’s right to, we step up.

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Good can always be better

Creativity is in our genes. So is the quest for constant innovation and improvement. Every day is another chance for us to be the best at what we do.

The team behind Teamed.
Unleashing people potential.

Before co-founding Teamed in 2019, CEO and socially responsible entrepreneur, Antony knew well the challenge of trying to hire talents in other countries. It’s this first-hand knowledge that makes Antony a vocal advocate for removing the barriers to make hiring the best global talent possible, and affordable. It’s also part of the story of how Teamed came into being – as an effective solution to make the world of remote work a reality for every business, everywhere.

Antony Vallee


Kieran Denshi


Kieran, Teamed’s other co-founder and CTO of the company has long enjoyed the benefits of working in distributed teams. From improved productivity and performance to the creation of virtual workplace cultures that thrive through diversity, Kieran isn’t just a fan of remote teams, he’s helped build a business dedicated to their proliferation, and success.

Not surprisingly, Teamed is powered by a group of diverse, multi-skilled people who work remotely. From developers, operational and service staff to the sales force, Teamed is 100% remote. And 100% committed.